Tiny Dog Hotel

Holiday Home for very small toy dog breeds.



£25 per day for each pet

We would advise early booking because of limited availability

Telephone 0151 722 6143


​We will look after your little precious while you are away on holiday or business.He or she will be sharing our home and garden with our lovely little chihuahua Mimi.
They will live and play in our home and well secured garden.
They will sleep in their own comfy bed , sometimes sharing if they like, in our warm morning room and have the run of the house during the daytime.
For dinner they will be dining on your choice of foods for your pet.
They will be taken for regular walks around our house in Wavertree Garden Suburb. ( Lots of trees about for their toilet business etc).
We do not take in more than  2 pets at a time.

About Us

I'm Chrissy, and my husband Mike and I are retired and have had two pet chihuahuas for the past twenty years.The first one Elvis,sadly passed away when he was 14 years old and we have had our lovely Mimi for 6 years.( She is the most adorable little pet who everyone loves when they meet her, especially our grandchildren)
We would love to welcome your pet to stay with us sometime and play with Mimi.

We have very nice safe and secure very private garden with lots of trees and grass for the pets to play in.